Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Into the Flames... The final chapter.........

Sylvia sat at her desk typing as fast as her mind could transfer her thoughts to paper. She knew that it was the only way to defeat Jeffrey. She needed to write the ending to the story. She also needed to make sure that she wrote it in the right way. Abby and Dale had burned through to the bones now and their hair was beginning to be consumes by the flames. Sylvia knew this meant that they were truly dieing. She had only a short while before it would all be over for them and she knew that she would be the next to die.
Her fingers moved across the keyboard like a concert pianist playing at Carnegie Hall. {{The flames were intensifying as the two girls struggle to extinguish the flames on each others body. Their screams could be heard for blocks. But, their were no neighbors to hear their pleas for help. Suddenly the door to their room flew open. The girls knew by the sound of the footsteps that their father, Jeffrey had come in. Jeffrey saw his daughters laying on the floor, the flames consuming their tiny bodies like a hungry Tiger tearing at it's fresh kill. Jeffrey grabbed the blanket from the bed closest to him. He wrapped it around them and scooped them up together in his arms. The flames began to eat at the blanket. Jeffrey laid them on the ground and covered them with his body.}}
Sylvia looked up from her writing just as Jeffrey disappeared. She knew he was back in the story she was writing. She needed to keep him there if she were to save Abby and Dale. The flames in the house had died down to almost nothing. Dale and Abby had stopped burning now and seemed to be slowly recovering.
"Don't stop writing Sylvia. You are doing exactly what needs to be done."
Sylvia stared at Abby and wrote nothing. She was torn inside and didn't know what to do.
"What are you waiting for!?!? You must right before he comes back. We do not have the strength to stop him if he does return."
"He killed my Ian, Dale. I want to kill him! I want him to suffer the way that Ian did! I have the power to do that to him!"
"Sylvia, listen to me. If you do that, then you are no different then he is. You will become the same monster that Jeffrey has become. Please, only you can stop this insanity!! Please, just write!"
Sylvia sat down and began to write again. {The flames slowly died out as Jeffrey held his daughters to his chest. Tears ran down his face as he kissed each one of them. Their eyes opened and they looked into their fathers face. Together, in voices almost to soft to hear, they whispered "Thank you" to their father. Jeffrey took the girls outside the house and took them to the nearest hospital. Their burns were miraculously minor and they would recover fully from the trauma.}}
Dale and Abby read her last entry and smiled. As Abby hugged Sylvia, she felt the tears on her own face. "I know it was hard, but you did the right thing. To kill Jeffrey would have solved nothing nor would it have changed anything. Things are as they should be now."
"No! No they are not! My Ian is still dead and the bastard that killed him is now going to live happily ever after! That is not right, not even a little bit!"
Her tears burned her cheek as she sobbed while sitting beside all that remained of the only man she had ever loved. His absence would leave a hole inside of her that could never be filled again. She stayed for a week at this house. She saw Jeffrey and his daughters playing outside, laughing and running... doing things that her Ian would never do again. She hated that man and finally, no longer able to look at him or his girls, she packed her things and left.
One year later, Sylvia sat writing the last part of her newest novel. She had taken some time off before writing again to reflect on all that had happened. She missed Ian daily and loved him as she always had.
The ending of her newest novel...{{ The flames had died away and she could see her friends clearly now. Both had recovered shortly after the flames had gone away. Sylvia looked at where her Love had been laying. She realized that his body was no longer there. Had the ending of her story caused his body to disappear? Had her not writing him into the story made him non existent? She did not know the answer to any of these questions. Suddenly, she heard a knock at her door. Sylvia stood and went to the door. She opened it and looked into the face of her Ian. His smiled was perfect and his arms reached out to embrace her. She held him tight, never to let him do again. He was hers forever. The End...}}
Sylvia clicked "save" and closed her laptop. She walked towards the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Suddenly, she heard a knock at her door. Sylvia stood and went to the door. She opened it and looked into the face of her Ian. His smiled was perfect and his arms reached out to embrace her. She held him tight, never to let him do again. He was hers forever. She had brought him back from where ever he had gone too. Ian had no memory of what had happened and Sylvia would keep it that way.
That evening, as they sat outside, holding hands and laughing, a car drove by. It slowed in front of them. She looked at Abby and Dale and smiled. They nodded at her and smiled back. As the car drove away Ian looked at Sylvia.
"Who are they, sweetheart?"
"They bought the house at the end of the block. I think they will make great neighbors."
Ian kissed her and smiled.
"I am sure they will, Love."


Anonymous said...

Wow, where do you get your imagination??? another great story. Keep them coming. Faye

Darrel said...

thank you so very much for reading this. I enjoy each story a little bit more I trhink. As for the imagination dear lady, well, I dont know where it comes from sometimes but it scares the hell out of me. lol Hugsssss to you and thank you again.. XX Always, Darrel

Magdalen Islands said...

It was a good story Darrel. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing a part of your imagination.

Darrel said...

thank you so much for reading this it does mean so much to me hugsssssssssss... Always, Darrel

Linda said...

I'm so sorry it took me so long to read your story. In a way I'm gald because I didn't have to wait for the next chapter. It was filled with suspense and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing this with me. Another great story.

Darrel said...

it is me that must thank you for always being so good to read what i write. You are precious. Thank you for your words here. I know they come from your heart. Hugsss Always, Darrel

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