Saturday, July 11, 2009

Desert Snow... Pt 6

Sharu wasted no time letting the three of them know she was Angry. With the wave of her hand, Dan and Bernie were tossed across the sand dune like rag dolls. She waved her hand again at Marlene. As the ripples of force struck Marlene, a look crossed Sharu face of both surprise and knowing. Marlene stood exactly where she had been before the wave of Sharu's hand.
"Then it is as I suspected. That baby inside of you is protecting you. It is also blocking your thoughts and words from being heard by me. But then, you already know that, don't you Marlene? I wonder what else the little one can do. Shall we find out, Marlene?"
"Sharu, there is no reason for all of this. You don't have anything to prove to anyone. You have already killed one of us and we are your prisoners here. What more is there to show who-ever it is you are trying to impress?"
Sharu waved her hand again. The sound waves made the sand around Marlene roll like a huge wave. It rose into the air as if it were made of water and not sand. High above Marlene's head the wave of sand climbed until it was twenty feet above her head. As Sharu lowered her hand, the sand wave followed her movement and dropped on top of Marlene, burying her under it's weight. Dan called out as Marlene's entire body disappeared under tons of sand.
"Noooooooo!!!!!! Damn you, you didn't have to kill her! She didn't do anything to you! I will Kill you myself! What is it you wanted from us!!??"
Sharu held her hand up again. Dan waited for the blast to hit him. Nothing came. He opened his eyes and saw Sharu looking at him. "What do I want? I want my people to live."
"Who are your people? Where do you come from? Damn you, we deserve answers before you kill us all."
"I told you who my people are. We were once a very mighty race of people. Amazons your people call us. We found the secret to mind use and along with it, the truth to near immortality. We live for Centuries because we have learned how to control our bodies and slow the process of aging down. We are not some alien being come to Earth to rule it, though rule it some day we might. We simply want to put things back where they were before the ice took all that was ours. We need the water-crafts and flying machines to move the sand for us. It must look like ice until we are finished and can conceal our existence. Already we have covered much of your Antarctica with our ice."
"Why has it taken you so long to do that? With all the powers you have harnessed, I would think it would have been easy for you to move sand where you needed it."
"Though we are a powerful people, we can still die, Dan. The world has become a very strong force to be reckoned with. Your kind has shown time and again that what it fears or does not understand, it kills or enslaves. What do you think they would do to us, Dan?"
"So it is kill or be killed for you?" It was Bernie that spoke out. "You have already killed two of us. When do we go next?"
"We kill only to protect ourselves. That is more than I can say for your race of people. Egypt enslaved Israel for 400 years. Your "Hitler" almost erased an entire people from the world. You kill for selfish reason. We kill to protect our own."
"Yes, I forgot. Marcus and Marlene were such gigantic threats to a mighty warrior such as yourself. Wow! Good thing you got rid of them! Who knows what havoc those two little people could have caused for your people!"
"Choose your words carefully, Bernie. My anger is not yet tempered."
"And I care, why? You have taken from me all that matters anyways. If you kill me, you would be doing me a favor!"
Sharu waved her hand slightly. Bernie was tossed a short distance away to the sand.
"Weak," Sharu said in disgust. "How I detest woman that are weak like you, Bernie. Perhaps I will give you your wish now." Sharu raised her hand high into the air.
"Wait," Dan shouted out. "What happens to all of this here when you are finished? The Dragon and machines and all you have stolen here."
Sharu lowered her hand. "We have stolen nothing. All you see here either saw what they should not have or has been created from thoughts taken from the minds of those we captured. The dragon and water creature have all been from images in your own peoples minds. The craft??? They were taken when we were transporting our ice to our home. We can not always stay completely concealed when moving the ice. The path we take passes over what your people have named the "Bermuda Triangle." Your own curiosities have allowed us the chance to take as you are too filled with fantasies of what might be."
"You have answered a lot of things we had no way of knowing. Now we do. What happens to us now?"
"Truly, I have no use for you anymore, now with Marlene and the child gone. I will give you both peace. It is the best I can do."
Sharu lifted her hands high into the air. She clasped her hands together and a loud rumble, like thunder came from them. The wind began to blow and Dan and Bernie held tight to one another, waiting for the final blow that would kill them both. As Sharu lowered her hands in a quick, hard motion, Dan and Bernie watched her being tossed backwards, onto the sand dune behind her. A look of total shock was on her face as she layed in the sand.
"This, is impossible!!!!! You could not possibly be still standing and I on the ground! It will not happen again! Prepare to die, Now!!!"
The fire in her eyes was so hot the sand around her began to Crystallize. As she began to stand, Sharu was knocked off of her feet again.
"Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! I will kill you!"
As the sand settled from her first attack, all three of them looked at the sand dune between them. There, in the middle of the sand, stood Marlene, very much alive. Beside her stood a young girl. The girl appeared to be about 5 years old. Marlene held her tiny hand in her own.
"You should not have been so long winded, Sharu. And you should have never, ever tried to kill my Love and my best friend. Now, it is lesson time for you." With that said, Marlene raised the hand that was holding the little girls hand. She raised them both in the air and turned to face Sharu.


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