Sunday, July 5, 2009

Desert Snow

The desert sun beat down harder today than it had in the past 3 days. Marlena cursed the day she had agreed to come with Dan to Africa. It was to be a days flight in and two days at the Sanctuary and a day's flight home. She had agreed only because she wanted to see the new "Freedom" exhibit that Dan had created. She had her own sanctuary in Australia that kept her busy. She didn't like being separated from Dan so much but what they were doing was important to them both.
"Dan, maybe we should try to walk out of here. We have waited for 3 days and no one has come searching for us."
"I know Marlene but I think without the shade of the truck's canopy, we would be burned to death.And with Marcus and Bernie hurt, we don't dare leave them here alone. Something would find them and kill them."
Dan was right and she knew it. Marcus and Bernie had been their closest friends for ten years and went with them where-ever Dan and Marlene traveled. Marcus and Bernie had signed on to assist them on a trip to the America's to help start a new cat complex. So impressed with their work were Dan and Marlene, they asked them to stay on for good.
Marlene was 32 years old and wanted only one thing more than she wanted the animals. With her cold black hair blowing in the slight breeze, the sparkle in her green eyes was fading with each passing hour. She was as beautiful as a moon-lit night and intelligent beyond her schooling. She knew anything there was to know about the Outback and every animal it held in it's beautiful landscape. Only a baby would give her completion in this already perfect world of hers.
Dan was a year younger than she was but had the same mentality and love for animals as Marlene did. Built for the outdoors, he stood 6'2" and had sandy blonde hair. His baby blues had captured Marlene from the first hello. Never needing to work out, he was graced with a body that took everything life had to give and convert it into muscle and energy. Their love was beautiful and their life dedicated to only one another.
"Dan, I only have a busted ankle. I can take care of Marcus while you go find help. Our water is going to be gone soon and our food supply is all but finished."
Dan turned and looked at Bernie. She was 25 years old and full of spunk. She loved all creatures and was educated in insects. Marcus was the same age as Dan. His build was smaller but his dark hair and almost black eyes made him a gift to look at for any lady passing.
Dan watched as Bernie wiped the blood from the side of his face. Marcus seemed to have taken the full blow of the crash. They were traveling towards the complex when out of no-where, a dust storm came upon them. Blinding all four almost instantly, Dan had lost control of the truck. It shifted under the sand and flipped over two times before landing on it's top side. Marcus had been thrown from the truck and landed some 100 yards from where the truck had stopped. He had a broken arm, a broken leg and almost for certain a concussion.
"We don't know how far we are from the Complex, Bernie. I only have a map that tells me where it is. We are within 25 miles I am sure but I would hate to be wrong."
"We need to do something Dan. The message from Larse sounded urgent. I didn't understand what he meant by the animals were freezing. Nothing could freeze in this desert!?"
"That is why we need to get there as soon as possible. Something isn't right and I can feel it. I think we really have no choice anymore. Marlene and I will walk and hopefully meet up with some one before Something... meets up with us."
As Dan stood, out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement. He turned to see the what looked to be huge lizard. Not just huge as in very large. This creature appeared to be as big as a Train Engine. He shook his head and took a small drink of water.
"Dan... are you alright?"
"I think the heat is effecting me worse than I thought. I swore I just saw a... A..."
"A what, Dan? What did you see?"
"I thought I saw a Dragon."


Donna said...

Waiting for part 2.
Sounds like another good one to me.

Jane Doe said...

Hello there. Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I've been very wrapped up in myself lately and I decided it's time to climb out from under my rock and venture into the world again. Time to focus some energy on someone/something that isn't me.

A wonderful start. Great character development so far. I love where you decided to end this part, it leaves the reader with a great feeling of suspense. When I have more time I'll continue reading, I can't wait to find out more.

I hope that all is well with you. Wishing you many blessings and an abundance of peace.


Darrel said...

Thank you Donna for always bringing encouragement to my writing with your words. I truly do mean ty. Hugss, Darrel

Darrel said...

Jane, it is just so nice to see you here. It brought a smile to my face to see you out and about.
I thank you for taking time to sit and read this. That means so much to me. I look towards people to keep my writing going as too often i feel it isn't adaquete. The words you have written here are the words that keep me feeling as if the stories might be good enough to read. Thank you from my heart and soooo good to see you here.
Wishing only the best things for you Always, Darrel

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