Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silence can be so Loud... Pt 4

Clarise wondered if bringing so much back to Kindred's memory at once was a good thing. She feared it might be too much for him to take in while he was still battling the "souls." She also knew that knowledge was strength and that without knowing all that he was up against, Kindred was far too vulnerable. She took his hand in hers and held it tight.
 "During a "visit" from your mother a few years back, your Aunt and Uncle disappeared. Your mother had tried to steal you away again. Your Uncle discovered her pushing you into her car. She had found a way to Lure you back and was about to leave when he found you. Feigning kindness, she led him away from you, out of your sight. Your mother had a way with deception and somehow she made him call out to your Aunt. When the authorities came to check on you, they found the cabin empty. They searched for you and your Aunt and Uncle for weeks, using dogs and people.  Your picture was all over the news for a week. Someone called in to say they had seen you with your mother and authorities closed in on the area. They found you in a warehouse your mother had rented and took you away. Your Aunt and Uncle were never seen again. It has always been believed that your mother killed them and buried the bodies somewhere."
 "They were never found though and that means they could still be alive."
 "Kindred, that was so long ago. If they weren't killed then, they would have starved to death long ago. If they were alive, they would have come to you by now."
 Kindred did not respond to her. He stared straight ahead and drove.
 "Kindred, there is something else we need to talk about before we reach the cabin. It is important."
 "We will be safe at the cabin. You said so yourself."
 "Yes, I did, but we can not stay in the cabin forever. Sooner or later we have to go outside. We already know the "souls" are right with us. We saw that when you stopped the car. We have to discuss the "souls." The only way to beat them is to face them. What is it that you have done to them that has caused them to follow you."
 Kindred slowed the vehicle down as he looked at Clarise. Such a beautiful woman, with her long tresses of Auburn hair and her intoxicating green eyes. Kindred drifted back to when they had first touched... first melded into one. She had opened a new world to him. A world that showed him that there could be love without payment. That he could give and be given to. Not a one way street but pure, unconditional love. He had fallen in love with her from that first moment of passion. He was still, very In love with her. He looked away before he spoke.
 "I took their souls from their bodies."
 Clarise looked into his eyes, tears streaming down his face. "How Kindred? How could you take their souls?"
 "I broke their hearts and by doing that, their souls had no where to be. All the years of abuse had opened doors into places you don't even want to imagine going. I found portals that hid me from the shame of not being able to stand up and fight for myself. Places that a little boy could go that allowed me to Not be where ever the shame was. But the portals were not free to enter. I had to pay in souls. Each time I broke a heart, I exchanged their sorrow for my safety. Now, they want to be reunited with their hearts. Each time one heals, their souls try to destroy me. That is the only way they can be restored."

  "Then we need to find a way to return their souls with out you having to die."
 As Kindred thought about what Clarise had said, the cabin appeared through the trees. He could see that the bark had been torn from the Pines that stood around the cabin. He knew exactly who or what had done the damage. He stopped the car and looked at Clarise.
 "They are already here, Clarise. They will be waiting for us when we stop."
 "We will have to run as fast as we can to the cabin. Once we are inside, we will be safe. Just don't stop or look back, Kindred. The pain will only last for a while."
 Kindred pulled Clarise to him and kissed her deeply. He had fallen In Love with her all over again. She didn't care about the pain she would have to endure for him. Never in his life had he been loved this way. Their kiss was broke by the sound of unseen hatred rocking the car from side to side. They kicked their doors opened  and as their legs were exposed, blood and pain and screams became their only thoughts.
 "Just make it to the cabin, Kindred. Don't stop..." Her voice was replaced by the most horrible screams. Kindred felt his heart skipping beats, breaking for the woman he loved.


Anonymous said...

This is so very different from other short stories you have written. I really am enjoying reading this. I always tell myself I'll wait and read 2 or 3 chapters at one time but when I receive that e-mail I have to go and read the chapter right away. Waiting for the next. As always excellent writing and thank you for including me in on this one.

Linda H

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see how Kindred faces the souls and what he can do to give them and him peace.

Darrel said...

I want to thank you both for reading this. It is different from what I have written in the past. I often wonder of I am capturing the thoughts and interests of my readers.
This story, minus the beatings and hatred of the mother and father {I did NOT come from that type of environment}, appears in many wyas to be a self portrait of emotions and needs to cleanse. I am anxious to see what the outcome of this story is. Perhaps I too, will learn something.
I thank you again from my heart. Always, Darrel

KB said...

Wonderful sweet D. Looking forward to the next part.
Love KB

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