Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 This morning, as I stand outside and look at the sky, snow gently beginning to fall, I see the bare trees standing in my yard. My thoughts run rampant as I think to myself what a great story that would be. The story I am writing pops in to my mind and I decide to use this very scene in the story. I look out to the East, knowing there will be no sunshine this morning. The sky is lightly greyed, a color that screams "Snow" and the breeze moves my flag from right to left and then back to the right again. I pull my hood up to cover my ears and watch the smoke from my cigarette being swept away, disappearing into the air.

 What inspires us as writer is often the very life that goes on right in front of us. The sound of a train at the end of town, it's whistle blowing to warn others of it's passing through town inspires me. A Nuthatcher hangs upside down on the huge naked Maple tree and makes it way to the goodies I have left in the bird feeder. The loud knocking of a red-headed woodpecker causes me to search the trees to find where it sits. My eyes settle on the bright red coloring of it's head, it's long beak pounding at the bark in search of breakfast. The train's horn fills my ears one more time, this time less loud, further away from me. 

 I am inspired and the yearning to sit and describe each and every sight and sound that I experience makes me excited. Writing is my passion and I feel alive when I am penning a new novel or telling you how beautiful my morning is. I wonder to myself what inspires other writers to sit and create a story. Is it a sound or a sight that brings your writing to life? Is it something from your past or present that gives you the thoughts you need to start anew  or to add on to a story you are already writing? Some of my novels were started with something as simple as the snap of a twig as I walked through the wooded area that surrounds the lake.

 Emotions are a great inspiration for me also. I may feel sad or happy or perhaps I wake unsure what it is I am feeling inside. The passion from a lover or the feeling of being alone will set my fingers into motion, creating exactly what I am feeling at that moment, in words transferred from my soul. Being in love or falling in love or remembering my first love always leads to a story of some sort. These are just a few of the things that inspire me. To speak honestly, I believe that simply taking in a breath and blowing it out is enough to inspire me to write.

 The tree that I looked at this morning, it's branches looking cold and naked, will be used in the next chapter of my newest short story. The witches will find it and it will come to life in the story. Now, I am ready to write. What does it take to cause the stirring inside of you that I feel when I have been inspired? Just morning thoughts to share with you.



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