Saturday, February 21, 2009

Head or Heart... who should lead???

A simple question asked here and yet not simple to answer. Should you follow your head or your heart in your daily decisions? Does the issue you are trying to resolve make a difference? Yes, the event or the situation we are trying to decide for does make a huge difference. You would not need nor would you try to listen to your heart concerning wall-paper or a new couch. These are things that are decided on with your head. Will it match the furniture? Is it going to be in my budget? Answers that will come from logical deduction and personal likes.
Other issues, such as love or moving away or moving on... they are much harder. Listen to your head when you are falling in love? That is like quitting smoking, cold turkey. When you sit and dissect feelings of love, you cut away sometimes the most important things. Perhaps you have fallen in love or feel yourself falling for someone on-line. People will for sure say "Please, think about it. You have no idea who this person really is. Use your head!" LOVE rarely allows us that luxury. Maybe we can use our heads{gentlemen, that is the one on your shoulders lol} sometimes when we are loving someone. We can cut and slice and make a list of all the why we shoulds and why we should nots. I think if one needs to do that, perhaps they really should use their head. But emotions take over our hearts often without any help from our heads. We only know that we feel emotions for this person. A desire and need to be with them and feel one with them. We may say, using our heads "They are so far away " or "they are so different" "It can never work", but our hearts tell us to follow a path that in all likelihood will end in hurt or loss. And for me, I am a forever romantic and follow my heart into places that my head KNOWS I should not go.
Why? I think because the feeling of falling in love, the very essence of being loved back in that way are too beautiful to pass by. As Garth Brooks so wonderfully croons to us... "I could have missed the pain... but then i would have missed the Dance." Decisions based on emotions can be tornadic and intense, but they can also be the beautiful experience you will ever share with someone.
Brains for yard work... Your Heart for Love. It truly is a subject that touches us all sooner or later.
Always, Darrel


Anonymous said...

letting your heart lead the way..can lead to pain that will never go careful

Darrel said...

you could not be more right, my friend. It is a choice we make but also we must be prepared for what-ever comes with the decision. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. Always, Darrel

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